Our Awards

Our Awards
  • The Star of "Pharmaceutical Products Exports" is Nobel İlaç Once Again

    Nobel İlaç Ranks First in the Category of "İKMİB Export Stars - Pharmaceutical Products"

    The traditional "İKMİB Stars of Export Award Ceremony" organized by the Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (İKMİB) was held in Istanbul.

    The ranking of "İKMİB Stars of Exports", where the export performance of İKMİB member companies in the chemical industry is evaluated every year, was announced at the award ceremony held in Istanbul. Nobel İlaç won first place in the category of "Pharmaceutical Products" with its export in 2019 at the İKMİB Stars of Export award ceremony.

    At the 2019 İKMİB Stars of Export Award Ceremony, a total of 140 companies that ranked in the top 5 in 28 categories were awarded. Nobel İlaç maintained its rank, at first place, in the leadership rankings with its increasing exports in 2019. The company had ranked first in the category of "Pharmaceutical Products Exports" with its exports in 2018 as well.

  • First Prize in 2018 IKMİB Stars of Export

    The traditional İKMİB Stars of Export Award Ceremony was held in İstanbul, which has been organized annually by Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association (İKMİB) to honor and encourage its member companies in the chemical industry for their success in exports. A total of 84 companies that ranked in the top 3 in 28 categories were awarded at the 2018 İKMİB Stars of Export Awards Ceremony. The chemical industry exported $17.4 billion in 2018.

    Nobel Pharmaceuticals was deemed worthy of the 1st prize in the category of “Export of Pharmaceutical Products” with exports of $65.6 million in 2018. Dr. Numan Balki, a member of the Board of Directors, received the award on behalf of Nobel at the 2018 Stars of Export Awards Ceremony.

    Making a difference by working passionately with the belief that it is “worth it for health”, Nobel Pharmaceuticals contributes to the national economy as the only domestic pharmaceutical company without a foreign trade deficit.

  • “Best Managed Companies” Award

    We have been one of 11 Turkish companies which were awarded the “Best Managed Companies” award, that Deloitte has been practicing abroad for 25 years and which it launched in Turkey this year.

    The “Best Managed Companies” award, one of the leading awards in the international business world, is based on evaluating the management performance of companies within the framework of international best practices.

    The best practices which addressed strategy, competence, dedication and financial performance criteria were evaluated by an independent jury consisting of distinguished representatives of the business world and academia, including Ali Koç, Ali Sabancı, Ebru Özdemir, Emre Zorlu, Hamdi Akın, Hanzade Doğan Boyner, Lucien Arkas, Ümran İnan and Ümit Boyner. Nobel was the only pharmaceutical company to be deemed worthy of this award.

  • IDC 2018 Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Awards

    At the “IDC Turkey Manufacturing Summit 2018” event organized annually by The International Data Corporation (IDC) which rewards the most prominent successful projects of the year, we, as Nobel Pharmaceuticals, won the second prize in both the “Corporate Transformation” and “Mobility” categories with the SAP-EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) system we established for our Düzce Distribution Center.

    We continued to spread the achievements of the Nobel family to a wider audience by attaining our place with 2 awards this year in the same event that we won the first prize in the category of Corporate Transformation with our JUPITER (Global CRM/CLM) project last year.

  • SAP Quality Awards 2018 – “Silver” Award from SAP for our Düzce Distribution Center Project

    At the “SAP Quality Awards 2018”, where SAP, the world leader in enterprise applications and software, evaluated the most successful corporate applications of the year, we were deemed worthy of the “Silver” prize in the ”Business Transformation” category with the SAP-EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) system we established for our Düzce Distribution Center.

    At the Quality Awards SAP evaluates organizations that effectively manage complex business processes by simplifying them with software and business applications and also achieve excellence in practice and implementation. For our Düzce Distribution Center, which was completed this year, we have fully integrated our new warehouse in the middle of our highly complex manufacturing, logistics and quality operations with the integrated SAP-EWM system that we have established simultaneously with its construction.

  • Nobel Pharmaceuticals was awarded the Platinum Global 100 Industry 4.0 Special Award

    As one of the pioneers of the pharmaceutical industry in Industry 4.0, we were awarded the Platinum Global 100 Special Award.

    Turkey’s monthly economic and business magazine Platin, as a result of its work with independent research company Ipsos, announced the Platinum Global 100 index with a special award ceremony. Nobel Pharmaceuticals, which started Industry 4.0 studies in 2014 with the Nobel Digitization/Transformation Program, was deemed to be worthy of a special award in the scope of the Platinum Global 100 index, the special theme of which for 2018 was Industry 4.0.

  • “The Successful Female CIO of the Year” Award at the Female Leaders of Technology Awards

    Nobel Pharmaceuticals CIO Bidar Özgür Ulutaş was awarded the “The Successful Female CIO of the Year” in the “Female Leaders of Technology” project carried out by Microsoft Turkey in collaboration with Women’s Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER) and Aydın Doğan Foundation. Bidar Özgür Ulutaş was deemed worthy of an award for her “Jupiter Project” in which she managed Nobel’s digital transformation.